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Today I swapped new parts on my M4


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I have a 2003 model Benelli M4. I am european and the M4 is a non us market version which came with a long magazine tube and a 2 position telescopic stock, and is equivalent to an 11701.


This gun has only under 100 rounds through it, and has almost been a safe queen all the years. But for some reason I replaced a new 064J magazine tube spring, since the old one could weaken over the years. I discovered that both springs have the same wire diameter with about 45 coil count each, but the older spring was weaken down to approx 8 inches smaller than the new one, and that without being used or stored with shells in the tube. I also replaced a new telescoping stock set to get back the new sticky rubber grip feeling, and new o-rings for the gas system. I swapped out a new set of 11707 handguards from Benelli USA, and they fit perfectly. I have heard that new M4 handguards don`t fit on the older 11701 models, but they do on my 2003 M4.


I like the smell of new rubber on a gun, and about how many years do fresh rubber on a Benelli M4 ts stock last, before you have to replace it?

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Here you can order a replacement rubber grip from a place like Numrich Arms for 25 bucks or so. Not sure if you can get them there.


Depending on how rough you are on the weapon, the grips should last for years. I notice mine get kind of gritty from Arizona sand getting ground into them. Hot soapy water can restore them to some degree.


The magazine springs will take a set over time. Even the Wolff springs carriercomp spec'ed will take a set. They'll be noticeably shorter than a new one in a short period of time. Function will usually be determined by how strong the last shell in the magazine tube ejects onto the elevator.

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Yes, I mean just to take out the trigger group of the receiver. I have one other new purchased M4 stored in my gunlocker with the barrel and bolt not mounted on weapon. I did not assemble this M4 when I received it, but I released carefully the hammer through the ejection port with my finger avoiding to snap it onto the carrier. Now I want to take out the trigger group for a inspection and wonder if it can be done without charging the bolt in the receiver to cock the hammer.

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Thanks for the reply:).


...... Is it ok to disassemble/assemble the trigger group on this M4 shotgun with the hammer released, or would something catch against the receiver inside?


As a general rule, when installing the bolt on a modern shotgun, you will want to have the hammer in the cocked position, particularly with an auto-loader, as the rear tip of the action link (that has a slot for the hammer to cycle within) will be blocked from moving fully rearward because an uncocked hammer will be in the nearly upright position.


For similar reasons, a cocked hammer is down and out of the way when removing the bolt, however, usually there is enough vertical room for the action link to move up and over the cocked hammer, as the bolt is withdrawn from the receiver. This is why the owner's manual recommends cocking the bolt prior to withdrawing the bolt while the trigger group is installed.




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