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AVA Tactical mount,.......what light?


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Hi M2 -


I am sure others will have suggestions as well. For the .8 Inch mount the most common light is going to be a Surefire E Series.


The simplest way to get into a workable configuration of the E Series to work with the AVA mount is the L4 Lumamax. Of course if you already have an emitter, you can buy a used E Series body on ebay, etc.


Joel @ AVA

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It depends on purpose. For indoors, 120 is usually perfect. More and you can blind yourself from bounce back off of white walls, smoke, etc.


Remember it wasn't that long ago and 120 was more than one could get from a weapon mounted light.


Now, you can add a KE2-A emitter to a L4 Lumamax to get 500 lumens if needed. This would be the most cost effective way to get a AVA E Series setup with 500 lumens. Unless you want to hunt for a used E Series body on ebay/CPF forums, etc.

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