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Trigger Locks VS Cable Locks


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been looking around for a CA approved trigger lock since I stumbled upon the Hoppes Trigger Lock which look nice since i like orange but favorite colors aside, What safety locks do you guys use? Trigger locks are nice but some are too easy to break i hear, and cable locks just look un sightly. Comments please.

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The first question is: For what purpose are you looking? If you are in CA and NEED such a device in order to transfer the firearm then buy the cheapest POS you can find that's listed on their site. You can probably find someone to GIVE you one of those. Heck, I bet your SO or PD gives them away. If you're looking for real firearms security for when you're not home, keeping the kids from accessing it, or something along those lines, then go with a real safe or similar receptacle.

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The first question is: For what purpose are you looking?


What TC asks !


A great way to secure closets where guns are stored are using these Smart Code styled door locks that simply replace most existing door hardware. I use these on the door to my gun safe room - during the day I don't have to keep securing safes opening / closing them. You can leave the safe open and just secure the access to the room.

I can recommend with confidence both the dead bolt style and the the lever handle styles. For those that don't have the room for a big safe or don't want to bear the expense of safes, using these on closets are a reasonable way to store your firearms safely out of sight from curious children fingers and eyes.




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