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Limp shoulder?


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I took my 13 year old daughter to the range last Saturday. She wanted to shoot my Ed Brown Special Operations .45 (carry weapon) and the now finished Benelli M4.


She had quite a few FTE's and I had a couple. I am wondering if this could be caused by a "limp shoulder" caused by a weak stance or not bracing enough.


We were shooting Federal target loads as I did not want my daughter hating the M4 by having her shoot 00 or slugs the first time out ~ Nothing but smiles from her by the way!

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I kinda thought that. I have not done anything to the M4 that would cause it to shoot differently with that shell/load than the first few times where I had so many FTE's that I just shot buckshot till my shoulder hurt. Then last time with my daughter we both took some lessons and it worked out much better.


On my next outing with it I will concentrate on stance and stiffening up the shoulder to see how that works.



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Maybe the gun needs to be ran in using heavy loads for a while then it will work fine with lighter loads?

This ^ is definitely more fun than this:

Unload Saftey first, then while storing it leave the bolt pulled back, to break in the recoil spring.



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Consider a shooting vest that has pockets in front of your shoulder that you can place a "rubber" pad into. Got both at Cabelas.

Both Remington and Winchester make light loads 2 3/4" @ 1145 fps velocity. Those Zombie Max were painful.

I have an M2 which I bought last year and have never had a FTE.

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I have shot PLENTY of high brass thru it. And, I have never had a problem with that, just low brass target loads. That said, I have not tried anything other than Federal target loads - yet. I'll try another brand. Maybe it will like that better?


Although I have never had the thing "dripping with lubricants" of any type, I have used Enos' red Slide-Glide on the bolt area as well as a little Rem-Oil or equivalent.


It did cycle these loads better after I installed the CarrierComp tube and Wolf spring. But as stated, I had a couple of FTE but my daughter who is learning had quite a few.


I have to get it set up for turkey loads and chokes now, but before I do I'll run it again and try a firmer stance and shoulder!

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