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  1. StrangerDanger what color sling is that one you have from blueforce? i checked and i can't find that color on there webpage?
  2. I don't like the barrel shadowing ether but I tried everything that Stranger danger said and with AVA along with other guys on this form and I love it.. I don't any problems with my M4 im really happy with it i can say this with all the improvements that i made to the shotgun she's up to 99.9%half dam near perfect... at this point i can't think of anything else to add to the shotgun. soon i will be sending all my guns to Robar Guns and I'll report back with pic once they are done if anyone is looking to do same job as im going to do.thanks to Stranger Danger and AVA and Taran TacticalInnovati
  3. I am using carriercomps tube and spring never had a chance to test it yet so busy with new woman and flying to her country hard for me to get out to the range. but I installed it and it worked perfect the fit is unreal. the finish is crazy very nice I am sold on it. they make different other ones that are nice also like tarantactical ect . but for me carriercomp is my go to for for all my M4 parts if carriercomp made a plane **** i would buy it to fly to colombia and save money on flights lol. all in all you won't go wrong with these parts. i never seen anyone make better parts than these guy
  4. first time looking at installing this for the M4 and not sure about how to go about installing it
  5. from what I understand that this limb saver fits the 11707 model????? just screw on or would you have to use a plate behind it? i believe limb saver has a plate that screws right behind your M4???? https://limbsaver.com/products/classic-precision-fit-recoil-pad
  6. Strangerdanger is it possible to use a Limbsaver on the Benelli M4 1107 OEM Collapsible stock?
  7. Glade it worked for you D. when I did mine I only used the 242 I learned like you did but never had much time to shoot. so far no problems that I see. I remember when I got my carryercomp tube in that shi was so fine lol made me feel like a 74 year old feeling up a 20 year old... I have give it to StrangerDanger guy does good work... If carryercomp made plane I would fly it...
  8. SD what happen I posted on the message Bord and seen there was 22 people that view it and thought since no one said anything no one had any problems with it. so that good to hear and that's about it. i thought great what a good buy.
  9. Tho I could never be mad at you my friend or at my fellow man I accept every one as =
  10. Learn how to talk to people instead of insulting people and learn how people really are before Opening up your trash can... or let me sugar coat it for you I was happy to hear no one had any problems with the item. so before you open your mouth about something you don't know what your talking about you need to check your self and take the time to know someone before quick to selling it on the street. with respect Hardcharger Oo-Rah...
  11. can't help you there roadDad I'm glade no one has had any problems with it.
  12. So hows the TT Carrier working on other Benelli M4's out there? I just ordered mine and going to try to see how good it works. anyone else having any problems with it?
  13. I have had good luck with the Slip2000 EWL. there is no best just good oil for what we have today. no grease in the chamber tho.. I only use there grease on pistol small amount on the slide http://www.slip2000.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=S&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=60212 http://www.slip2000.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=S&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=60320 http://www.slip2000.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=S&Screen=PROD&Product_Code=60341
  14. lol sugar coat it before I get my dam gun taken away over some propaganda ******** you better be dam straight I am going have my **** 922. and if you think for one min that the cops won't use that agence you for ones that are using shotguns for home defense your wrong reality check check.these ************ will use anything they have agence you in a Cort of law to put you down............ and i'll be dam if that's going to be me in that number............. Stranger Danger I agree....... Semper-FI...
  15. LOL there is no Allah my friend it doesn't exist sad part is most are condition to believe that kind of nonsense
  16. yea **** with single point for a shotgun single point don't belong on there anyway. I have padded vickers on mine. I never seen point in a single point sling shotgun or rifle...
  17. LOL and he shows a mount with attachment thats the ( pOINT )GUN hit ground not good... thats what I am trying to get away from... to many problems with M4's hitting the ground with that set up............
  18. dam that killed it really wanted to go with the AVA but not a fan of push button mount. have to remove the factory ring
  19. I agree with M7jnu I have both shoulders that have torn rotator cuff's but at 39 can't say that works for me. not to bad but i live with it. just shoot more with it. shes to young to have any of that.... mine caused from working out hard ( not shooting )....... [h=3][/h]
  20. so that would be the 6th of October 14'15" (2.15PM) ???
  21. OK i have kinda looked over it and my only one problem I see with the AVA is this. I have the Surefire 6P with the Z49 tale cap. now once installed from looking at pics the light will not rest on the forend grips... it looks like it will butt with the back of the flashlight or the tale cap how ever your set up is and is not sitting right with me....it would seem like you would have to add some spacers on the AVA for you to use it with any flashlight that was long and something you wanted where you did not have to extend your hand out 100 feet just to turn on a light... so looks like a bit of s
  22. how ever I am not one to do away with what works and could care less (But ) the AVA does have my attention. also I can see doing with out the broom handle as well on a shotgun. and (100% ) of the times stranger danger is very Anel about what he puts on his guns. aether way you can't go wrong. been out of it for a while because my set ups are complete but I will be looking into the AVA....
  23. i have had the M80 for years and had no problems whats so ever with mine I love it... others might not like it because of the weight I see no problem with that... I am also using the Larue fug mount on it with a Surefire ( Body Only ) melkoff drop in off to the side. no problems....[ATTACH=CONFIG]2716[/ATTACH]
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