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2004 hunting pictures


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OK Guys and Gals. Seasons have started, Dogs have returned to work, decoys have been soaked, and birds have been flushed and empty hulls ejected ..


Take a few minutes to post one or more pics ...heck as much as you want of this seasons experiences.


Don't forget to give a desription of the hunt and of course ...your Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, Uberti .... heck lets see your Beretta too.


Don't be shy and good hunting to all.



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Awesome pics Drundel ..


getting colder up here .. had some snow flurries Friday evening ... highs lately have been in the low 50's high 40's ..


should start pushin' more ducks your way. start lookin' for our Northern Woodies soon if you get 'em your way.


Dove population pretty good your way?


Heres birddog and 'devil dog' before an early morning Ruff hunt.





[ 10-18-2004, 11:53 AM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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saw a few more doves yesterdya afternoon, hopefullyl i can finish moving eraly tomorrow and hunt some in the afternoon. suckers are big and i'm shooting like crap, my #6 i swear bounced off.


BTW BD, I work in AK, when I left it was 15 and snowing, so 50's pretty warm!

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^ bump^


things still looking good down by you ?..


.. just got back from South Dakota last night and most corn was still up but we got into the birds on adjacent lands and potholes.. once the corn and beans come down it'll be nuts for my next trip out there this month.


This was our first Dove season here in WI and have had a good amount of spuratic shooting but, its mostly been in the prime hour of dusk and dawn. . . don't feel bad I've ground through the shells this year too. . . 7's, 7.5's and 8's out of a loose choke wasn't cuttin' it until I tightened up..


came home to a few flocks of lesser Canadians 3-400 birds I guess layed up in the marsh out by me. Looks as if the northerns are moving.


keep on keepn' on

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one thing I truely hate to mention if I feel it caused a missed shot.. and you said it .. the dang safety.


but, don't feel bad fez.. it musta happened 12x's to me last weekend tongue.gif



Here's this evening victim .. 8 pt'r





Fez .. just want ya to know the doors open here if you can get away from the wife for an extended weekend.


have a few hours drive to get down to where I bird hunt in Iowa..


just a thought.


[ 11-09-2004, 11:59 PM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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well fez ... good luck with the bruin! let the Mag eat!


tucker .. relax my friend .. plenty of respect here ...


take a look at the peep sight on the bow string.


I waited many days and passed much larger deer waiting for a clean confident heart shot.


..was actually the third time I saw this guy... but, he was the one that gave me the shot.


25-30 yds then colapsed and skid to a stop... dead ..


that my freind IS respect.


[ 11-15-2004, 06:59 PM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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