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A disappointing outing with my new M4.


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i used the Benelli oil that came with the M4, is that wrong? is there something better?



I love the Benelli oil. But like truckcop says... take your pick. They are all excellent and suck at the same time.


I can't remember where I heard this but in order to improve the reliability of the M4 you need to polish and lube the inside of the receiver extention tube. Is this correct? Would it help or harm the operation?
Zero polishing done here and zero failures to date. 100% reliable so far - don't know how I could improve on that.
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I wouldn't recommend trying to polish the receiver extension. It would be difficult to do and any benefit would likely be marginal at best. I have found oil in the receiver extension tends to collect debris. I've never had good luck with Rem Oil. It's too thin. Be careful with grease, they can slow down the momentum of moving parts. This is compounded upon if you're in cold weather.


Shoot a few hundred heavy loads to break in the weapon. Make sure you're planted firmly behind it. The more you limp it, the more likely the weaker loads won't cycle properly. You can literally hear the action moving sluggishly if you intentionally limp shoulder it.

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I have had good luck with the Slip2000 EWL. there is no best just good oil for what we have today. no grease in the chamber tho.. I only use there grease on pistol small amount on the slide







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Update: i was able to take the M4 out for some test shots, didn't have a lot of time. i was just mainly making sure the repair Benelli did fix my problem and it DID! i shot 4 rounds of #6 and 4 rounds #00 it preformed flawlessly. Can't wait til next time when i get to spend more time with the M4.

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