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Best fiber optic M4 front sight


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Haven't seen one other than the Hi-Viz. I have one and it's pretty much ineffective. The "dot" is too small to really be seen out on the end of the barrel, regardless of the light level. Personally, if I didn't already have another maker's rail/side saddle on mine, I'd go with the ScalarWorks RMR rail. You have the advantages of a RDS and still have iron sight capability if something goes haywire with the RMR. IMO, it's the best sighting option out there for a defensive/combat shotgun. The RMR isn't sticking six inches above the receiver. It's a tough and very light sight, which is important since the M4 is a heavy sucker to begin with.

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Thanks for the info. I'm pretty dissaponted with the options for the M4.


Purely market share driven


Not a lot of people out there like the nutz around here who will pay that much for a shotgun.


You can get anything ya want for a Mossy 500/590 or Rem 870 or the Chinese versions of each one cause there's a bazillion of them out there.


IMO we're lucky to have the stuff we do when you consider the demand.

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I have a XS front sight in mine and an LPA rear Fiberoptic sight


I haven't shown it here yet because I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet and see if it works.


The front sight is considerably taller.


If the XS Sight does not work.


I'll buy a stock sight, mill it out, drill it and put a FO rod in it. That's the only way to get a decent FO sight till out friend Stranger Danger gets in that business...


or FFT maybe.

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