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Benelli M4 - Front Sight Tower Removal?


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All -

I have a user/client looking to remove the iron sights completely from the M4 and run strictly an optic. The rear is easy enough, but my question is about the front sight tower. Is this tower brazed or laser welded on? Anyone remove it for building SBS barrels from an 18.5"? Will it come off with high heat?


The unit will be refinished afterwards.

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I used an oxy-acetylene torch to de-braze my M4 front sight. At first I thought I would be able to apply the heat to the top of the sight and watch the color change as it raidiated to toward the barrel. However, as you can see, the torch blew through the softer steel of the sight. Once I redirected the torch to the top of the base of the sight it went red and came right off. It only took about 10 seconds and the barrel did not seem to get very hot.


I then used a fine file to remove the bits of Braze Welding material from the barrel and sanded smooth with 600 grit and 2000 grit paper.


My plan is to cerakote once I decide on a color.






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