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Just curious about shotgun storage. I have an SBEII as well as a Stoeger M3500 and was curious if it matters if when you are storing your shotgun you store it with the action open or action closed. I can't seem to find anything on this on the web. Just thinking about spring tension compressed or relaxed. Any thoughts?

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Ask yourself. What gun since ever has been stored or kept with the bolt held open? Have you noticed the importance of having the bolt closed in a dirty/combat environment.


Name me a spring that will hold tension longer compressed, than loose..?



99.9999 % of the time you should have the bolt foward, magazine empty, hammer/trigger decocked for maximum preservation.

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Correct on the fact that springs wear out from compression cycles. The only time they take sets is if they're over compressed.


Benelli main springs (and magazine springs) wear out rather fast in my experience. They're only good for about 5,000 rounds.


Keep those receiver extensions flushed out and lightly lubed with a thin oil that doesn't bind up in the cold. If you hunt with the Benelli, disassemble the extension once a season or if the shotgun is ever submerged in water.


Keep those magazine tubes tubes clean and free of oil as well. The gunk binds up and can cause failure to feed events.


When I'm in bear country and I have the M4 along, I sleep with it next to me with the safety off, chamber empty, bolt closed and a shell on the lifter. That way all I have to do is rack the bolt.


Carrying it in the field slung, I have the chamber loaded and the safety engaged.


Never mess with ghost loading, I've seen way too many failures to feed as a result.

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