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M1014 special edition


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LGS is getting some of these in, and I have a question about the stock. If I wanted to add the factory Bennelli adjustable stock to this is it easily done? Meaning is it just a drop in replacement onto the existing buffer tube?


As to keeping with 922r compliance, what other parts would I need to swap out to do this?



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It likely has the neutered receiver extension that won't permit the collapsible stock to collapse. The stock itself isn't modified at all. It'll function on a M4 with the appropriate receiver extension.


The receiver extensions ions can be replaced, but it isn't an easy job. I've done a bunch of them for clients when the replacement extensions can be found. The last time I looked, HKPro had a few left on his site.


As for 922®, you'd need four US made parts to make it compliant;

1. Trigger

2. Disconnector

3. Hammer

4. Handguards

5. Full length magazine tube

6. Magazine follower

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They probably had a bunch of those tubes leftover at the factory and had to find a way to put them to use. Hahaha


Whats funny is that my field stock came with a 3-pos.


I wonder if they are neutering all the tubes here on out.


A little laser etched flag still ain't worth it to me.


Just get a field stock model and trick it out how you want. Unless you need the flag

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this is so strange to me,I remember back in the summer of 02 when the very first M1014s where offered,didn't know if any other type of Benelli m4s where gonna be built or not,,so I purchased one,,had to beg ,borrow and steal the money,we had to do all kind of things to get them where we wanted them,,there definetly where no special services or aftermarket products,,it was here that we helped each other out,the serial # range is of intrest,since there limited editions,wow,so much has happened since 02,,pretty cool,,ps: I have a ton of floppy discs from back in the day of my first M1014 for reference,,its funny to view them today.

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