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Side saddle

Adventurer m4

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I bought Tac Star side saddle for my M4 today but when am back home I saw a video on YouTube a guy saying after mounting it his M4 started to stuck when ejecting the shells !!!! Any ideas? Any one using Tac Star side saddle ?


Never mind I ll take it back and swap it for some 00 buckshots , I won't be needing it

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Terrible design. If you tighten the bolt that goes through the trigger group retainer too much, it'll squeeze the receiver and cause the bolt carrier to bind. If you don't tighten it enough, it falls apart.


Further, you'd have to take like six screws out of the rubberized cover to get to the mounting bolt/nut. So any time you had to disassemble the weapon for cleaning, you'd have to strip all this down.


The rubberized part was actually decent and retained the shells well. The mounting system was a rusty coat hanger abortion.


Worst. Shell Carrier. Ever.

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