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Benelli collapsible stock recoil pad replacement?


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The Limbsaver is what you want. It’ll reduce perceived recoil by about 40% in my personal estimated. Limbsaver will claim 70%, but that’s wishful thinking. You have to modify the unit heavily to work on the collapsible stock in all three positions.


You need the Noveske adapter plate and the Limbsaver 10111 pad. You’ll need some fasteners from the hardware store to mount the brack to the collapsible stock. I believe the link above goes to a post where I list the sizes. You have to cut a section of the bracket out to permit the receiver extension to pass through and in to the buttpad. You have to drill out a hole in the base of the pad to permit the receiver extension to pass into as well.

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Has anyone replaced the recoil pad on their collapsible stock Benelli m4? I’m looking for something to lessen the recoil when shooting 3” buckshot and heavy loads. I’m not recoil sensitive, but after 50 Rds or so this thing kicking like a mule gets old.



The Benelli M4 is capable of firing 8 rounds in less than 1 second do to the Argo system. In of itself it is a very aggressive weapon. Installing a Limb Saver may be an effective means in alleviating some of this recoil. I'm all for modifying and experimenting with any improvement that may help with an individuals needs for their specific platform. You may also want to try the Push-Pull method of firing the weapon. Pushing force against the pistol grip away from your shoulder while pulling force into the fore grip towards your shoulder.

The indoor range where I fire my weapons allows me to rapid fire. I am required to use Sabo slugs. I will typically fire 8 rounds as quick as I can squeeze the trigger, reload and repeat rapid fire in sets of 4 and let weapon cool. I will fire just under 200 Sabo slugs with this format on any given range day having no affect from the recoil. Using this Push-Pull format allows me to have control of the recoil instead of the recoil controlling me.

(I tried to upload a video with my Benelli M4 in action but cant seem to get it uploaded)

Best of Hope...

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