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Mesa Tactical pistol grip push button sling attachment


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I like to sling a long gun single point near the pistol grip.  Think lower receiver endplate on an AR.  Mesa Tactical made a sling specifically for the Benelli M4, but apparently it was so difficult to install, they discontinued it.  Freedom Fighter Tactical bought their entire inventory, but when you go to the item page, there are warnings you're on your own if you buy it.  Flashing cop lights and all.  The problem is once installed as intended it sticks way out from the side of the pistol grip.


This picture shows how Mesa Tactical intended you to arrange the parts and install them.


I'm going to show you how to do this, the difference is significant.  Now it works for me.


FFT describes this item as"...discontinued and will be highly sought after in the years to come."  I agree, once you sink it into the pistol grip.

More in a moment. I'm going to post this all in a few separate posts.




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Start by driving out the roll pin and removing the small block of steel.  We are going to screw a 6-32 screw halfway into the block.  The other half will get part of the roll pin re-installed.

The hole is too large to directly thread with a 6-32 tap.  But it is perfect for a 6-32 Helicoil.  Here I am starting the Helicoil tap into the block.  I'm using my vertical mill so I know it is started square.  You don't have to do this, I did because I had the mill available to me.  Once started I finished the thread with a standard tap holder.  The white dot is so I can keep track of what half gets threaded.



Since we are only going half way into the block for the thread, I also bought a bottoming tap.  This picture is how I marked the depth to run the taps.



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Seating the sling base.  It is a little tight with the counterbore I used.  By driving it in this way, nothing was damaged nor marred.


Put a drop of blue Loc-tite on the 6-32 screw and tighten it into the block holding the block and sling base in place.


Drive in the 1/2 piece of the old roll pin and you are finished.



The last post will be the item numbers for scres and tools I purchased from McMaster-Carr.  https://www.mcmaster.com/

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The 6-32 flat head, hex drive screws, $9.47 per 100 https://www.mcmaster.com/91253A146

6-32 Helicoil insert kit, $37.63.  I used the inserts included with the kit. https://www.mcmaster.com/91732A906

6-32 Helicoil bottoming tap $20.83 https://www.mcmaster.com/91709A416

1/2 inch diameter counterbore $27.24 https://www.mcmaster.com/3102A19

5/32 inch counterbore pilot $6.00 https://www.mcmaster.com/3103A17

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Nice work. I did a similar one years ago and made it ambidextrous with the flush mounted QD cups. I think I used a cup from Magpul that was threaded on the inside. So one fastener went through one end and into the threaded unit. 


It worked reasonably well,  but I found I preferred the IWC mount attached to the tailstock on the ejection port side. This looped the sling around the outside of my arm and kept it from bunching up between the buttpad and the pocket of my shoulder. Plus it was a lot easier to install!

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Funny, I have the Midwest Industries QD mount on the tailstock as well.  Also placing it on the side opposite my body so the sling will cause the gun to roll into rather than away from your body.  Opposite side also keeps the sling from getting trapped between your body and the gun when shouldered.  The only thing that makes it problematic is the rubber buttpad grabs the sling and it doesn’t naturally rotate out of the way when you shoulder the firearm.  The same mount on an AR doesn’t have that problem.

For the front mount I used the Mesa Tactical magazine tube extension ring.  With a QD sling swivel on one end and an HK hook on the other end of the sling I can readily switch from single to two point sling attachment.




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