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Sbe2 constant stove pipe


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My benelli super black eagle 2 constantly stove pipes. Like 5 out of 10 rounds. Extremely frustrated with it. 

People have told me o try different ammo. I shouldn’t have to it should cycle everything . You spend this much money of a shotgun I shouldn’t have to be so frustrated with the thing missing ducks. 

It probably has like 1000 rounds through it. 

My recoil spring is cleaned and always taken care of I always clean the gun. It’s not over lubed.

My last resort is putting in a Wolff recoil 25 percent extra power this week. Which I feel I shouldn’t have to do either but frustrated. If still no good after this weekend I will be sending it to benelli

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Since a "stovepipe" is generally indicative of an ejection problem, first, take a look at the ejector on the inside of the upper receiver.  It should be under spring tension and you should be able to push it backwards and it should return forward under the pressure of the spring.  You should be able to see the forward end of the ejector spring hooked on a tab on the leading edge of the ejector plate.

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The Ejector Plate is pressed into the receiver on a SBE 2, truckcop's description is very good.  You did not mention if you have ever replaced, the recoil spring.  I have worked on well over 750 Benelli shotguns, never seen a issue on a SBE 2 Ejector.  I have seen the Ejector plate on other models held in with the Ejector Plate Rivet.  These are sometimes improperly pressed into the barrel.  I have seem on more than 1 occasion 20 gauge springs installed in 12 gauge shotguns.  Spring life is inconsistent, I have replaced spring on M1's after 1 year and Super Black Eagle 1's H&K after 28 years.  


Please PM me if you would like any assistance. 

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