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Method to Test Mag Tube Spring?


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I modified my CC mag tube spring to accommodate my preferred loads and I want to verify it maintains enough power to reliably cycle all 7 rounds. 

At the risk of asking a stupid question, is there a way I can safely cycle through the tube to test this other than go run through a bunch of rounds at the range*? Is it as simple as just cycling a bunch of times using the charging handle and ensuring the last rounds make it onto the lifter?

*I will be visiting the range immediately after I install the Meprolight sights, just trying to answer the tube spring question in advance

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Personally, I do not advise cutting magazine tube springs nor adding magazine tube extensions.  This leads to bending of the carrier latch.  Carrier Latches will wear however most carrier latches I have replaced we from guns with magazine tube extensions.  You are putting a great amount of force on the carrier latch when putting in 6 or 7 shells and having it compressed under load.  


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On 11/2/2019 at 12:00 PM, RPC said:

......Is it as simple as just cycling a bunch of times using the charging handle and ensuring the last rounds make it onto the lifter?


In my experience yes.

so far the cycle testing at home seems to match the performance I get out of them at the range.  (usually)

There does seem to be a fine line between a spring thats just strong enough and  one thats too week to operate under recoil. 

Internal tube space robbers:

After market followers tend to be too long and they rob you of tube length.  I've seen a few where the inside of the follower doesn't allow the spring to fully seat robbing you of valuable internal shell capacity.

Remembering to seat the spring retainer to its highest position in the mag tube can also give you that extra little bit of clearance you need.  

Good luck brother and happy shooting! 


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When I first install the spring retainer, I leave it poking out the end of the magazine tube about 1/3 its height. When you tighten the magazine tube cap on the first time, it will push the retainer in to the proper depth.

If the magazine spring is weak, it will fail to feed the last round in the tube onto the elevator. So load one in the chamber and one in the magazine tube. Fire and see if it loads correctly. Weaker loads are more likely to fail, so you can test this with some low dram valuepack ammunition.

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Appreciate the input, multiple last-round cycles indicate adequate power. 

That said, Remarkable: Thanks for the words of caution. I bought two springs from Kip for exactly this reason and may just put the unadulterated spring in and let six rounds suffice. 

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