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Show us your range bag!

Jolly Roger

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Show us your range bag and it contents. ?

Bust it out and show us what you got, why you got it and why!

What kinda hearing protection you got?

What kind of safety glasses you sportin?

Gloves? Speedloaders? Trauma gear? Sight tools? Spoting scope? Multitools? Targets? Staplers? Brass catchers? Shot bag? Gun vise? ???

Go crazy! Spill it all out and show us how big your bag really is!?



(Photo from internet)

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Im embarrassed to show you all my unorganized mess of a range bag.?  Even though I bought all my family there very own bags, mine always seems to be the dumping ground for everybody's hearing protection when were all packing up at the range to go home.

I keep promising to myself Ill organize it, Ill empty it all out for you all later if this thread takes off. 




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I'm terrible at taking and uploading pictures, hell I can't even figure out how to upload an avatar on this site.

So, I'll show a picture from the website of the 13" model bag that I bought recently to rplace my ripped up range bag.

This is an awesome bag IMO, super tough thick material, several pockets with one for a pistol and fits up to a 13" laptop as well as two pockets that will fit quart sized water bottles. Double handles on top and a shoulder strap. Perfect for the range trip.

I encourage to watch the video on the site too.



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I was looking for a messenger type bag for flying on small jets between SFO and Tucson that don't allow for a typical normal size carry-on bag. For my laptop and stuff like that which you can't afford to go missing in a lost checked bag. I had an old small laptop bag that I used for years but there was not much room in it for anything else.

I had been looking at Kreiga bags because I use one of their small waterproof bags strapped to the seat of my Ducati when I ride and they make a quality product.  So I bought one their messenger bags then I discovered the Vanquest site and decided that I needed a new range bag as well.

While it doesn't have specific pockets made for holding magazines, it can easily handle what I usually take to a typical range day for me  and I like the twin bottle pockets on the sides.

Fa molto caldo in the summer where I live.:cool:


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I don't have pictures, but I have a couple of those LaRue pistol bags and a duty gear bag that has a hard plastic liner. It's great for muffs and some basic tools. The LaRue bags are set up for my pistol caliber magazines. I have a staple gun and painters tape in with it for serving targets. Generally I tape over the holes to get hundreds of rounds out of a paper target. 

I also have room for the Labradar and inserts for the Ransom Rest.

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Wow, it looks very aesthetically pleasing. I love these photos where everything is in its place. An excellent choice of pistol. I wonder why you showed us a photo from the Internet, and not your own. I found this topic because I'm looking for a good backpack myself. As far as I know, backpacks with uniforms always have 2 straps, or are attached to the belt, and I would like to have a backpack that would be worn over the shoulder. I just had an accident last year and I have quite serious problems with my left shoulder, so I would like to have a non-ordinary backpack. I wonder if there are any at all, or will I have to order a custom backpack from matohash.com or some other company.

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