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First M4 purchase- cerakote FDE?


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I am in the process of buying an M4 from Bass Pro or Cabelas (I have tons of reward points to use) and noticed the normal Black  and FDE Cerakote models are the same price, while the H2O (also just cerakote) is $200 more.

I was planning on just buying the black pistol grip version, but thought I would ask if the FDE Cerakote would be better since there is no price difference.   I'm partial to the look of the all black but if there is a real benefit to the Cerakote the FDE isn't bad looking.

This is just going to be a HD shotgun, have always wanted one.  I have 2 870's, a SBE3 and some others for outside use.

Thanks for the help.

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59 minutes ago, jimbo45 said:

cerakote should add a layer of protection but if you prefer the black just get that since its not like it will see a harsh environment in your house.

Agreed, like jimbo45 said it could add an extra layer of protection. I dont think they cerakote anything metal (as apposed to aluminum) so its not going to protect against any rusting, but things that may potentially scratch it would have to go through the cerakote first wherever it was applied....plus it looks cool. I personally would prefer a black gun and put FDE parts on it rather than have the receiver permanently coated but thats just me. 

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Thanks for the replies, good way of looking at the situation.  It seems like the FDE is a free upgrade then, but you have to want the color.  May have to look at it in person-pics look like a darkish brown to darkish green depending on the website. 

Still seems like the H2O version is more marketing than function if it’s only the aluminum parts that are coated like the FDE, maybe the FDE isn’t selling well and Cabela’s is keeping the price point the same as the black to move them?

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On 2/15/2020 at 12:55 AM, TorchRedTulsan said:

You might also verify that they "actually" have the FDE in stock at your store. I went through this a few months ago and, even though it's listed on the website, all they had were the all black.

Yeah, I think you are right.  I went ahead and picked up an all black one on Friday,  threw some shells through it Saturday and it ran with no trouble, even the low brass cheap ones.  

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