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Carrier Comp


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I received my extended magazine from CC last month after a month and a half wait. They are in business and it’s all good. 
After I ordered, I immediately received an email, detailing my order and their billing process. 
Great product and great people! 
buy with confidence!! 

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Color match of the carriercomp is better than even the OEM tubes. The paint on the FFT tubes is significantly different. Weight spec is about the same. FFT costs more and does not come with a US made follower or a Wolff spring. The threading on the carriercomp tubes is done better. FFT can be backordered deep as well. 

I like FFT products, but when it comes to magazine tubes, carriercomp tubes are the best by a wide margin. I’ve brought probably 40 of them personally over the years and never once had a problem. 

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I was  thinking of getting the Carrier comp magazine tube set up but I may have to go with the +2 magazine route due to if laws change again in my state. I know i have to stay within the 922(r) rules when doing this,  But if if i go this route do i have to change the magazine spring too? I'm thinking of doing a trigger pack upgrade from Freedom Fighter Tactical.

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