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M4 5 position recoil tube?


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1 hour ago, StrangerDanger said:

I think it’s designed to work with that collapsible Super Nova stock. Which is pretty ugly in my opinion. The notches on the 5 position look different than the standard M4’s. 

Ok, interesting.  I saw FFT is now pushing them for the M4?  They are also listed on MWG.  I saw them and was like, “huh”?

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Todd from FFT emailed me this afternoon about this discussion. He tried installing a regular collapsible stock from the M4 on to it. The stock will lock into position fully open, but it won’t collapse at all. 

From what I can tell, Benelli Italy had made a prototype M4 which has a different collapsible stock, a railed handguard and a few other small upgrades. You can see the listing here:


The stock appears on their listed Supernova as well. Benelli sells these tubes to dealers marked as being for the M4. Midwest Gun Works has listed these tubes for awhile also. 

Now, if you need a California compliant tube, buying one of these five position tubes would give you that effect with your existing M4 collapsible stock. You’d have the look but not the function of the collapsible stock. 

Here is the stock that would fit that recoil tube. 

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A friend of mine has this type of stock on his M3 from the factory. One positive thing about it in my opinion is you dont have to turn or cant the stock to adjust its LOP, simply press the button and slide it to the desired position + it has 5 positions instead of 3 like the "classic" ones. But he also likes my M4 stock more :)

On the site StrangerDanger pointed out all the firearms have the "newer" 5 position stock http://www.benellidefence.it/products

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