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M4 limited edition fixed skeleton stock question


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Hey Guys,

I am new to this forum. Recently purchased a limited edition m4 with fixed skeleton stock. I am considering switching to something like the mesa urbino pistol grip stock for shorter LOP or going with the Benelli non-pistol grip stock.  What is the procedure for removing the lower part of the stock from the fixed recoil tube? Is this the same design/assy as the collapsable stock? When I press the button it wiggles but does not come off.

The M4 is replacing a Benelli Nova, hence my silly noob questions. Thank you in advance.



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To remove the tail piece of the stock, press and hold the button on the stock in, rotate the tail piece of the stock about 45 degrees to right. Push the stock forward until it stops. Now while still holding the button in, rotate the stock 90 degrees to the left. Then pull the stock off the end of the receiver extension.


For the pistol grip portion, remove the trigger pack. Now unscrew the pistol grip from the receiver extension. It can be tight at first, and you should have about four full rotations before it will slide off the end of the receiver extension.

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2 hours ago, D'zaster said:

Thanks for your replies! I am able to press the button (maybe not all the way?) but unable to rotate the stock to the right (or left).

Did you purchase your M4 in CA by chance?


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17 hours ago, D'zaster said:

Thanks for asking. Yes Ca compliant. I am hanging on to the original parts if/when I move out of the communist state. 

That's a great answer, except you should have left out the "if" part. I moved from Jersey to SoCal when I retired a little over 3 years ago and got the heck outta SoCal about a year ago, Thank God. Good luck. 

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