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Stuck in Saudi Arabia


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Hey guy, hope all is well.  I'm still stuck here in Saudi.  Looks like I'll be here until May 31st or longer.  It sucks bad because I'v also been having problems with transferring my salary home to the wife.  Two months worth still here.  I think I got stuff settled yesterday but we will see.  Y'all take care!!! 

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Well that sucks. It's The Mother of All Psyops, sorry to hear you got the shaft so hard up the backside. This is the front end point of the tsunami where the ocean pulls back leaving no water on the beach so we're all going to get BOHICA'ed. This was totally planned as part of Agenda 2030, nothing at all natural about this. It's absolutely nothing like what we're being told, the NIH came out and 'fessed up two weeks ago that their BS test are giving 80% false positives. And oh yeah, the hospitals are getting 'grant' money for positive tests ($13k) and for deaths they attribute to testing positive ($39k). Who's going to turn down free money they're trying so hard to give away to maintain the illusion?? How's this working out for y'all, ya happy?? Who's going to be able to buy a Benelli shotgun in our dystopian future??

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