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Paint chip on brand new m2. Advice please


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Hey guys. I’ve had my m2 with optifade timber camo for 3 days.  Put 6 rounds thru it just to feel it out, then went to put the full choke in to see how some turkey rounds would pattern

its then I noticed two small chips near the end of the barrel. Wanted input on what to do. Am I overreacting due to how small they are, or is this something I should contact benelli about?

I will post the chips below and also a pic of my Nova that is much older but with bad wear near the barrel  I guess I’m paranoid about my m2 ending up like this as well




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Unless you're never going to shoot it and keep it in the safe forever, fugeddaboutit.  Dings, scratches, scrapes, and all other manner of cosmetic boo-boos are all part of a "working" gun.  The next time you lean it against your truck fender and it slides off onto the ground it will come away with worse than that.  Better yet, just take it outside right now, lean it against your vehicle and push it over into the dirt.  Pick it up and do the same on the other side.  Now everything's good.  Wipe if off, take it out and shoot a case of ammo through it.  It's like my wife's car.  Every time she gets a door-ding in some parking lot, she comes home wanting to take it to the body shop.  If we did that every time she gets a new ding we could have bought a new car.

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