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BenelliParts.net U.S. Trigger Group


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If this has been discussed before; I apologize for the repeat and if yes; if someone could give me a heads up on where to find the post... Just looking to see if anyone has experience and/ or opinions on the Benelli, U.S. trigger group. Possibly a better option??? Seems like the A&S trigger guard is the way to go, but not sure about trigger. I purchased a  DMW mag tube extension and had it NP3 coated, but hesitate to install unless I can "adjust" for 922R regs. Seemed like the U.S. trigger would be a slam dunk, but for the $200 cost; I would like to make sure I'm getting more than just a U.S. stamp.


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I found the machining to be a bit rough on the Benelliparts.net trigger group.  Lots of tool marks and the sides of the hammer had a weird bevels to them in some spots.  The trigger bow also seemed to have minor sharp/rough spots.  Just my opinion.

I returned it to them for a refund.  At the time he said they had a new guy doing them.  Maybe there were growing pains with that first batch.  I'd give him the benefit of the doubt on it.

FFT trigger group appears to have much, much better machining.  Some people have reported fitment issues with the polymer trigger guards.

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Thank you everyone for your feedback. Sounds like I should go with A&S trigger guard and Briley trigger, but I will have to save up quite a bit of $$$. I'm not sure how you know which LOP to pick for the trigger though... 

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