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Another M4 tactical light approach


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I finally got around to finishing my M4 project.  The Briley hand guard and Modlite were the last bits. To get the Modlite mounted for optimized illumination I used a modified IWC TMC 1" LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT sort of backwards from its original intent. For the switch I could have simply used the supplied sticky Velcro but whats the fun in that. Instead I took a Cloud Defensive LCS over to the Bridgeport and milled off the mloc bosses on the bottom and the mount wing on the open end and then drilled and countersunk for the new fastener. Of course the direct mount to the Briley hand guard required mount holes and fabrication and press fit of a couple brass "T" nut inserts. Note, the clearance is really tight between the M4 pistons and the inside of the hand guard which meant the insert flange could be no more than about 0.060" thick. 

As most will realize, barrel disassembly now requires an Alan key to loosen the ring mount so the light can slip off the end of the magazine tube, followed by the barrel assembly and hand guard. In practice, this extra disassembly step is made even easier as the switch also slides out the end of the LCS freeing the light, ring mount and switch as an intact unit.

For my hands the switch is perfectly positioned for both grip and thumb activation.  Of course, performance of the forward mounted Modlite is shadow free and effective for movement  and PID. As expected the Aimpoint T2 provides a clear aiming solutions in all lighting conditions.  




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