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Limp Shouldering?


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Disassemble and clean your magazine tube well. Do not put oil inside the magazine or on the follower afterwards.

Looks like anemic feeding or the shell onto the elevator. The last few rounds in the mag tube feed the weakest. If it doesn’t feed strong, the round can cause the elevator to hang up on the front of the shell. Limp shouldering it can cause the action to slow significantly and the bolt carrier can get hung up on the hammer. 

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In my experience, limp shouldering, or in my case not shouldering at all will always cause it to fire previous shell and not release the next shell at all leaving the bolt closed on an empty chamber. I was doing some testing with my M3T folder without using the shoulder at all. I could resist with my hands and never had a feed issue, but if I just let the gun fire like a pendulum, it would do as described above.

Still, I'd trust SD's knowledge over my anecdotal evidence.

*edit* Never mind, I just saw the M4 in the picture. Gas gun wouldn't likely have the same results as the inertia guns...

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