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Briley Trigger LOP


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Hi all, I'm still pretty new to the forum but reviewing information daily. My question is regarding the "length of pull" on the Briley trigger.

What is the preferred application ? Available in long and short pull.  I'm not new to firearms and pretty good with a shotgun in the field. The M4 H20 is my first tactical shotgun.

I'll use this for home defense and some Blam, blam, blam at targets.  I have purchased the Briley 3 gun handguard 13" and the cc DG parkerized tube.

I'll add the Briley trigger with A&S Engineering trigger frame. still looking for the right charging handle. light & optics later. anyway, it's an addiction really.

Thanks in advance for your input. 


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33 minutes ago, aznwhip said:

Pro tip... If you order your guard and trigger both from Briley, they'll install everything for free. If you order the guard elsewhere and send it to them as part of your trigger group to install, they'll charge you an additional parts transfer install fee.

really, so if I order the A&S trigger guard and their trigger group, theyll put it all together for me?  Thats a time saver if true.



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8 minutes ago, BigJoe365 said:

well crap... I didn't know I could order all that from them.


Briley's website is kind'a cryptic and just requires a lot of exploring.  You've got to hit all their pages and do searches to get the full gist of what they have and what they can do for you.  I was all over their website several months ago but I still see guys posting Briley links that I hadn't discovered.  Downloading their different gunsmithing/3-Gun price lists provides some good insight.  I hope Briley is listening here.

Hell, maybe it's just me getting old and cranky!  Damn COVID lockdown.

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1 hour ago, Birdog19 said:

Hell, maybe it's just me getting old and cranky!  Damn COVID lockdown.

Or me getting old and lazy. A&S was real simple. you want this? or that ? or both. I didn't take much time on Briley thinking it was maybe a little bigger but not by much. I had already bought the 3 gun handguard so I really didn't look further then the trigger link. in going back and really looking around...I missed a lot.

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