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Ammunition For Benelli m4


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I recently purchased some Federal Law Enforcement 12 Gauge Ammo LE127RS for my shotguns. Overnight I started to realize I should have made sure it would actually function in the M4 before purchase; not after. here are the stats if anyone could enlighten me; would be a great help: 

Bullet Type Hydra-Shok Rifled Slug
Muzzle Velocity 1300 fps
Muzzle Energy 1655 ft. lbs
Primer Boxer
Casing Brass Casing



Also, Is there an ammunition table, somewhere, of what is known to work/ not work?

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I have a bunch of the same stuff, but haven’t fired it yet.  Mine cycled the low recoil LE buckshot just fine and it is slower, I wouldn’t worry too much about these slugs.  

Is the gun brand new?  I did put around 50 rounds of full power slugs through mine first before the low recoil stuff. 

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Is it necessary to run 50 rounds of slugs or high powered buck shot through it first? I shot some trap loads through mine and it cycled fine. I couldn't resist and shot a box the night I bought it. 

What do you guys recommend to shoot through it to break it in during this ammunition environment? With buck shot and other loads being so expensive I'm curious what else you would recommend for me to break in my gun with. 


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I’m not sure if it’s necessary to fire X amount of full power loads.  I want to say I’ve read that it’s best to do that before expecting them to run on lower power rounds.   I shot 1600fps slugs. 

In your case it’s sounds like it cycles low power so maybe no worries?

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I've had 5 M4s.  None ever choked on a rifled slug.  Even Federal LEB127LRS which is low recoil.  Don't worry.

Some low brass pheasant loads causes issues with one M4 I have.

Another one sometimes has a hard time ejecting low recoil federal le buckshot (but it doesn't have alot of rounds through it).

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Thanks everyone for responding to my question. I enjoy reading all the recommendations and experiences. Hopefully we can get a few more... Normally I don't buy something without researching first, but in this environment and on the site I purchase from; popular brands/ models(???) are gone if you look away or blink.  To Diesel79; yes unfired.


Thanks again everyone

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I've found that anything over 1,200 fps with 1 1/8 ounce of shot works fine.  I've never had a problem with 1 once of shot at 1,290 fps or 1 1/8 ounce of shot at 1,250 fps.

An ad I saw showed 1,200 fps and 1 1/8 ounce was the recommended minimum for the M4.  Plenty of fairly priced low brass loads hotter than that.

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