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M4 oversized bolt release button options


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I'm looking to add something with a bit more surface area to the bolt release. The most common one brought up is the GG&G. Is there any difference in the one made for the m1/m2/m3 (ggg 1030) and the m4 specific one (ggg 1030 m4)? I've read they are the same part. Also are there any other options out there I should be looking at?


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Funny you ask this about the GG&G.  I was wondering the same thing last week so I inquired.  A rep from GG&G told me they were the same.  I don't know what they have a separate Manf#. 

I inquired because I noticed GG&G was out of the M4 button and the "other one" on their site.  Online, other retailers stock it but I couldn't find any that had the ggg 1030 m4 part number.

The ggg 1030 is GTG.  The guy at GG&G said they have been waiting for OEM Benelli shell latches to make more.  They say they have been delayed 45-70 days.


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GG&G is a good option. FFT, TTI, and Briley also have options. Agency has one, but not for individual sale (have to do the full upgrade package to get it). If you want something easier to install, Dave's Metal Works has the Speed Bar.


I have the Briley one only because I was having them do my trigger group so they were willing to do the install as well for free. Really though... don't overthink it. It's simply more surface area so as long as it doesn't protrude to the point where it might catch and suits your own individual aesthetics.. just get what you want.

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The TTI one is a pain in the ass and hangs out like a sore thumb. You have to drill and tap your existing button which can be a chore. Especially trying to keep everything perpendicular on the drill press to make the hole straight. Their button isn’t relieved on the back side at all so it hangs away from the existing button. The only thing that keeps the pad a certain direction is the screw tension. There is no key slot like on the GG&G pad to prevent it from being a fidget spinner. 

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