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A&S trigger guard in NP3 now avail at FFT


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Screenshot_20220206-112238_Brave.thumb.jpg.945df30e1c901672f8a9bb17315ea6b6.jpgDecent price for end users for a NP3 housing at Freedomfightertactical.com 

$350 + shipping 

Since Coating Technologies/Wright has closed off np3 to consumers, this is about the only way to acquire this coating for this excellent trigger guard enhancement


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5 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

Quite a mark up. As much as you’d think the trigger group would benefit from being plated, the performance gain is negligible. 

Considering the cost of the housing from A&S in its standard configuration is $209-$219, I think the upcharge to $350 isn't all that stiff - when you consider the fees to process the metal before coating with NP3.

My extra charges from Wright for the stripping of the metal prior to np3 dip are in line with that upcharge for similar sized metal work

Of course there are economy of scale advantages, or perhaps FFT got an order of raw aluminum housings in to avoid the extra processing charges idk ? 

As for performance gain - have you done trigger pull measurements if there was any drop in pull force? I'll be running a nearly full np3 conversion in the trigger assembly when it arrives, and while it may be subjective and hard to quantify it may have a smoother pull and operating function.

The other benefit would be to aesthetics to go with the Np3/H20 format - again a subjective beauty in the eye of the beholder measurement

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Oh I agree it does look nice. You won’t see any trigger pull difference based on the trigger housing being plated. The trigger doesn’t touch the housing at all. The hammer pivots on the trigger bushing, and the trigger pivots on the trigger pins that don’t really move or rotate in the housing itself. 

It will be easier to clean though.

Where you might see some smoothing is how the shell elevator pivots. The hammer spring cap is so sloppy of a part, I don’t think you’d notice any reduction in friction when it’s triggered to drop. The safety might improve a little since the detent fits prettt tight in the channel. 

I’m going to guess FFT sends the parts to Coating Technologies directly, so they probably get much better rates than the end user with Wright. 

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I also don't know if it adds performance over the regular A&S trigger housing but for the additional $141 over the standard black version I'll pass. Mainly because my 11721 is black and the black would be my preferred choice, purely for aesthetics. I will be ordering the black A&S trigger housing. If I had a H2O the NP3 version would be perfect.

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