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Remingtons Sportsman 58


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Ok guys .. I know this is slighty out of line here on our Forum and I'll probably get a little harassment but, I can take it.


Have little to no experience with this gun as I recieved it a few years ago after my grandfathers passing .. I was told for years that this and others he owned were once to be mine but, the Sportsman58 holds greater sentimental value than the rest combined not because of value (it's the least valueable of all 6) but because this was the gun that was propped against the Duck blind walls when I'd travel to Northern Minnesota to sit along side him, watching and wondering if I'd too be doing this until the age of 91 with the same passion.


I've sat and searched, toiled and swore a few blue streaks but, can't seem to figure out how in the world to remove the bolt from the reciever... :confused:


thought about dynamite but, that sort of defeats the purpose... tongue.gif


any help would be appreciated guys as I'm at wits end and just put 'er back in the cabinet until I cool down.


And NO, its not going afield with me - won't replace any of my Berettas, Benellis or Franchis. Just want to get the filthy thing cleaned and peace of mind.


Thanks guys. . . . . - birddog

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boyeeeee,you really left yourself wide open on this one,first of all ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gotta be smarter than the weapon --------second,refer back to first^^^^^^^^^^^^Since we are buddies,I'll watch your back,maybe one of these rocket scientist can help%%%%%%%%I might even help with the info search if my keyboard can type remingtnnnnnnnnnggggg********M1014 :D :D tongue.gif tongue.gif tongue.gif

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It's been one heck of a long time since I had my 58, but I believe it goes something like this.

Pull the bolt handle out. It's retained by a spring-loaded detent. Remove the forearm and barrel and the bolt should slide out the front along with the piston and slide bars. Be mindful of O ring placement.

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a5lxg a5m4x a5m6h


Thanks M1014 ... I know .. this is pretty shameful !! redface.gif redface.gif redface.gif but ... I'm getting over it real quick! :D


here are some pics .... I'll replace them in the morning with others that are more helpful. I know they aren't explaining a whole lot ...



So far Numrich's has been the only place thats been any help with a schematic they have recently placed on their site but, that's doing me as much good as a two peckered billy goat would.. :rolleyes:


tucker301 ... it just isn't happening. .. . ... ?? thnx bud for the help ... any more thoughts would be appreciated!!!!


Time to clean Doves, a few Woodcock then over to my brothers to help with a couple of bow kills.


Thanks again guys .!! pics to come in the morning.

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I had an Ithica that the only way to remove the bolt group was to retract this little slide pin that is spring loaded which is located underneath the bolt and then you slid the whole bolt group out the back door,-------first I had to knock the sh^t out of the bolt group it was rusted shut ,,then hose it down with lube just to break that SOB FREE so it would slide backand forth,,,,someone had given the gun to me,))))))))))))))))))))))),,,, thers a small little trick that your gonna have to figure out or you are gonna have to give me all your Benellis ,keep the rest :D :D :D hope this helps ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))M1014 :cool:

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All right! .... dport, thanx for finding that link!!


I appreciate it very much!! ;)


I'll give it a try here tonight and get back with the results.


many thanks!


well M1014 I've poked, proded, pulled and pushed ... going to give this link a try and if it happens not to work ... I'm going to need an FFL to ship a few guns down to ya ,, ,, ,, :cool:

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here's a thought (beleve that a thought from me) leave the bolt in..... take off the stock and soak the recever in a bucket of gas or kero (i would suggest kero) then wash it out with brake clean then blow it dry with compressed air. repeat as needed a good swishing and soaking or swipe the old ladys vibrator and toss that in to the mix to keep it moveing. and smile'n :D :D .... beleve it or not that will work. i used to clean my 10/22 that way and it still works just fine after years of abuse.... i clean a lot of parts that way.and my wifes a303 because every time i take the bolt out of that thing i end up fighting with it for hours to get it back right, or you can try some type of "organic" type of solvent fast orange or simple green using the same method. it may save you a lot of greef further down the road when you cant get it back together again. just rember you will strip all oil out of it and it WILL rust amost instantly. all the carbon and crap will eventualy let go of the mettal scrubbing just speeds up the process

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