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Briley carbon fiber magazine tubes


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16 hours ago, Djack69 said:

Any feedback/problems with them? I want one but want to make sure everyone that has one is happy with it. 

I’ve heard a few issues with them. It had to do with follower bump at the transition point. I avoided them, picked up a Benelli tube, finish matches the barrel 

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The Briley carbon fiber magazine tubes are made from three pieces. Two threaded stainless ends, then an actual carbon fiber magazine tube body. The threaded stainless ends are attached to each end of the carbon fiber tube. The trouble is the transition point between the stainless and the carbon fiber tube isn't perfectly flush. This leave a small shelf or lip on many of the tubes. Briley made a follower to try to minimize this shelf that has tapered ends to help the follower transition over the transition point. It usually works, but sometimes you'll get a tube that when you're inserting shells, you'll feel the shell hang up on the transition point. Sometimes its just a bump you can feel. Other times you can't push the shell past it. You can then play warranty games with Briley to get a better one.

Another issue is if you're shooting slugs for accuracy. These carbon fiber tubes flex quite a bit. So your repeat accuracy will degrade with a flexible tube. Even the titanium magazine tubes flex more than the steel ones. A steel tube will provide the best rigid lockup for accuracy work.

75 yard slug patterns from a lead sled to minimize shooter influence:

Steel: Slug shots are touching one another.

Titanium: Clover patterns, sometimes a slight separation between shots.

Carbon Fiber: 4-6" patterns are pretty common.


You can still be delivering headshots at 75 yards. So accuracy isn't always a must. Sometimes the lighter weight outweighs the need for a heavy steel tube. For me, I'd just go with the carriercomp magazine tube. You'd only cut about 2 more ounces by going with the carbon fiber one.

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