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Nova 12ga 3.5 pump


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A ton of grief!

Misfires, hangs up, won't shoot straight.

Instantly rusts when taken outside.

Shells drop out of the magazine at random.

The barrel will fly off sometimes too.

Kicks like a mule that's been in Barry Bonds' medicine cabinet!


I'll give you $200 for it, just because I feel sorry for you.


But you have to pay the shipping.

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Bunch of jokers around here... don't mind them... sell it to me for $205


Anyway, a brief honest appraisal of the Nova: Simple to clean and service. Is utterly reliable. Quite a few people make a stir about its recoil. I fail to see why such a large fuss is made. It's no worse than my 16g side-by-side. At any rate, throw a Limbsaver pad on there and you won't know the different (Limbsaver is producing one for the Nova specifically at the beginning of next year, until then the medium slip-on fits like a dandy).

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I am very happy with my Benelli Nova Nothing bad ever happened to it very reliable gun. I bought might for $360


BenelliNova 12 gauge Pump Max4-HD 28in.


Mossberg do suck thats why they sell so cheaper, the cheaper the better give me a break. Benelli Nova is the only one under $1000 in Benelli guns the rest are $1070 and up. AK-47's suck also they have a slow rate of fire the chamber get's cracked easily and some recoil is alot. I have a .223 M16 Ar for $800 no recoil nice smooth fast gun.


[ 11-02-2005, 04:00 PM: Message edited by: BenelliNovaArmi ]

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