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I just read an interesting article in Cabela's Outfitter Journal regarding choke/shot combinations for turkey hunting.


The gist of the article is this.

1. Each gun is different. Even those made by the same company, in the same year, using the same components. So when a well-meaning friend tells you that brand X/size Y shoots the best in the Nova, what he's really saying is that it shoots best in his Nova.


2. At less than 30 yards, just about any turkey load will bag the bird.


The author, Steve Comus, recommends patterning as many different brands and loads through all of your available chokes and settling on the one that seems to perform the best in your gun.


One thing that does seem to hold true is that larger shot sizes do not like the tighter choke tubes. The theory is that the shot, when forced to constrict too much, tend to bounce off of each other and actually spread apart more. Think about one of those crazy scenes where shoppers have piled up around the doors of the Z-Mart store, waiting for the big 50% off for the first hour sale. When the doors open, they all cram through the tight space together, but when they hit the other side, they seek their own spaces.


The biggest news this year seems to be in the advancements made in the shells themselves.

Remington already has a good turkey load for longer ranges with their Hevi-Shot products.



Winchester introduces "Xtended Range Hi-Density" this year.




Federal has a new product which uses new wadding designs to keep the load together and in the shot cup for a longer period of time after it exits the muzzle. FlightControl claims 30% tighter patterns.


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i am using a primos turkey choke it;s called the tight wad and it is a .655chamering which will make for a real tight pattern. i am going to shoot either a 2 3/4 or a 3 inch round in either a 4 5 or 6. i actually prefer the number 6 shot and i use what i think is the best in winchester supreme. we have also a number 6 remington high velocity round but i think the one i am going to use is the nubmer 6 winchester and will know for sure whether it is 2 3/4 or 3 inch when we pattern this weekend. witht he nova i know i amc apable to shoot 3.5's but with a good gun my nova and some goos ammo the winchester supreme then i am in the right park. also i like the 6 better it seems to pattern well in my old gun and will see which i am sure it will the number 6 will work just fine iun my nova. i like the tightwad choke from primos is ported which i like a lot it will help with reducing recoil as well and save your shoulder/ good luck to all and enjoy a safe turkey season

rob k

we are a two tom region so one will be with bow if i get the chance lol

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Originally posted by shooter11:

I was just wandering what turkey and waterfowl chokes people have found to work the best for them in there nova. Please include type of choke and shot please thanks.

first off .. shoot the factory chokes with different loads.. my brother shot his 'Grand Slam' with factory tubes.
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