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Is the barrel rifled for slug use only? If its not, then stay away from Sabot slugs. Those are for rifled barrels only. You can shoot regular non-sabot rifled slugs out of the smooth bore barrel fine. Just keep close attention to the choke area as thats a good spot for lead buildup.

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Thanks for all the help. I will not be shooting with a rifled choke tube, I will use standard IC tube. So from what I understand:

-No on the sabots.

-Rifled slugs are OK in a smoothbore and may increase accuracy.

-Brenneke or Foster work the best.

Remington advertises a reduced recoil tactical slug, will this cycle in the M2?

I will get several different brands and try them.

Thanks again!!!!

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I'm not sure what you mean by "same category" Garren. If you mean are they still legally considered shotguns ... yes, that affirmative. They are shotguns. If you mean are rifled barrels and smoothbores shooting similarly, no they don't. The rifled barrel has at least double the potential of the smoothbore when it comes to slugs. I think you can probably tighten up those 5" 100 yard groups a bit with some experimenting with different slug brands and loads ... and some more practice pulling the gun into your shoulder and really gripping the fore-end. I feel that if you can get your groups down to 2" to 3" you can shoot with confidence out to 150-175 yards with a rifled slug barrel. I've hunted with guys who are comfortably taking deer out to 200+ yards. I hear you on slugs beating you up after a while at the benchrest.

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