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Crio chokes in Montefeltro??

Tapper 612

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If the choke tubes fit, you must acquit....


Crio on the new Monte would be news to me. Looks like Mobil chokes in the catalog and website.


The threads on the Crio are well below the muzzle, maybe around 3/4" down or so. Mobil choke threads are right at the muzzle.


mudhen - CA

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there was a post regarding this topic before

the crio chokes will fit not crio barrels but they extend out a bit as if it was an extended choke

if you take a mobil choke and a crio choke side be side, they will be the same except for the crio choke will extend past the threads and out the barrel

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Originally posted by mudhen:

My dealer has 10 'new' Montes - new trigger guards - new markings.


All ten are Mobil chokes.


I told him he got ripped off and they should be Crio Plus.


He is going to contact Benelli.....


mudhen - CA

nowhere on the benelli website is there mention of crio chokes or barrels


just a trigger guard

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