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Where do you buy your guns?


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I check around for prices, then go to my local dealer and he's always managed to meet the best price I've found in catalogs or on the net. Makes my life a lot easier here in Jersey where the paperwork inflicted for buying a gun can seem like getting clearance to enter Zone 51 at Roswell. To some degree, there's also the "service" factor and the need to support your local guy to keep him in business. Obviously none of us want to pay more than we have to for anything, but I also take the approach "what's it worth to me" ... so if I pay $1,400.00 for my SBEII and feel it's worth it, thereafter I "leave the purchase behind." I do enough research that I don't get "hosed" on anything, but a few buck swing one way or the other doesn't mater.


Other than guns ... I do MOST of my buying on line or out of catalogs. Prices are great, delivery is quick and painless, no state sales tax, (yet) and the mainstream outfits I deal with are safe and reputable. Over the last few years I've found these forums incredibly valuable for advice ... with participants flagging characteristics of some item which you'd never figure out without using it. JUST ASK!!! and a lot of great people will point "stuff" out to you. Previously, you had to rely on what the salesperson was telling you when researching and comparing products to make your purchase. I ALWAYS had this nagging question floating in the back of my head about "which product was he getting the biggest commission or highest profit margin on?" And ... was he steering me in that direction?

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I have to drive anywhere from 65 to 150 miles (one way) to get what I want "locally".

I have bought guns from Gander Mountain and Bass Pro Shops, but they are both at the far end of the mileage spectrum for me.


My last two purchases have been online, through gunbroker.com.

I have a local guy in my town who doesn't stock any guns anymore, but he maintains his FFL for transfers.

I pay him $25 for his troubles and he does the paperwork for me.


Bottom line is that I'll buy wherever I have to in order to get what I want at a decent price.

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I use three sources, Internet, local shops and gun shows.


Local shops may negiotiate a bit, but they usually want top $. The good side is that they will stand behind what they sell - so if it is not right, the fix it. But with no competition at hand, they will not come down very much on price.


I find I can get the best prices at gun shows. Problem is that they never have what I am looking for when I have the cash to buy it. And I always manage to find a better deal shortly after I purchase something. Competition seems to make the deals better. But caveot emptor - I have gotten more lemons than I care to admit from gun shows. While individuals give you the best prices (often some are smoking crack) there is no guarantee.


Most of the time I find the Internet folks are seeking the highest prices. When you add the usually outragous shipping and FFL fees, it is worse than paying sales tax. But so far, I have not had any sour internet deals or lemons. Internet is great for finding hard to find collectables. Just prepare to pay top dollar.

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I got my SBE2 off gunbroker.com. I found a few on there for $1220 shipped, and when I went down to the local gun store they had them for about $1480 with tax and I asked if he would sell me one for $1220 and he laughed and said he cant keep them on the shelfs for $1480....and he was right, i go in there about once a week to shoot the bull and he sells about 3-5 a week. The only bad thing about getting one of gunbroker.com is that from the time you buy a gun until the time you are shooting the it will be about 3 weeks...takes time for all the shipping and paper work.

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