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Trading and SBE II


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bring your weapon and $500 to the bargaining table,,,,,,,never let him know how much $dough$ you have in your pocket,,,,,,,,,keep a good eye to eye contact,,don't stutter or stumble,,,,,,,,,,,,,be clear and concise,,,,,have your final offer already planned then get on him like white on rice. see ya M1014 ;)


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Originally posted by Mark T:

Camo, why sell the SBE II, I just bought one ,are you having problems with the gun??

Nope no problems I haven't used it since spring turkey season last April. Don't have much time to hunt anymore except turkey and I have two turkey guns that shoot great. I traded my old SBE on it and it's a shame to let it sit in the safe. I was thinking about doing some clays and like the looks of the SS.
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Originally posted by azwaterfowl:

Does the 3-dram mean that the mininum recommended load use is 3"shells 1 1/8 loads?


3 drams indicates the powder charge. 1-1/8 oz. indicates the shot charge. The SBE2 will cycle, after break-in, any load of any length meeting those two minimum parameters.


Follow this link for a guide to which shells (Federal) make the grade.




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