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Sling/Strap Eating away at my SBEII


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Well, I attached this sling to my SBEII. I will say that I love the functionality of the sling. It a "Super Sling 2" It has the adjustible length strap. It works very good when walking in flooded timber, and while carrying various things during a hunt. From the pictures below, you can see that the the metal attachment clips dig into the gun, while carring. Well, my question is has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone found a fix for this? Or, is their another product out there that works similar to this brand, but will not scar my gun?


I like to take care of my guns, and I really like having a strap on a shotgun. Please help!








You can tell here, while the strap is removed. It is scaring the gun. Its not that bad now, but this strap/gun combo has been used for 1 hunt. If this were to be used for an entire season, it would probably do severe damage.

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aw, aw, awwww thats awful, I would go insane over that. stop using those. To fully put damage to a screeching halt take off the current sling, and put on a unclie mikes brand with the rounded edges so that it doesn't run into your gun



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Is that post where you can hook the sling standard on the SBEII? Or is that one he installed himself?


My Nova pump has two locations for the brackets like TGG mentioned to hook on - I didn't have to add anything to the gun at all and they don't seem to be doing any damage.


Notice where they are on the Nova Pump:



And I guess I hadn't noticed it before, but I guess that looks like one on the SBEII (the top end location, that is):



Man, that is a suck location for that. :( Even the swivels that TGG mentions look like they will dig into the gun, won't they? Not to mention that the swivel that TGG gave a link to looks like what he (Waylon) already has - that's just a side shot of the same type of swivel, isn't it?


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sdkidaho is right. The swivels that TGG gave are almost exactly what I have. I have have a nova, and I love the way the fore-arm screw is shaped. It can't get cratched like the SBEII can. Its a cone shape.



Tuckers swivels are a little better, but with excessive toting around the field, these are likely to dig into the "screw" too. I don't think I would uses these, because I want to stick with the super sling. I love the adjustibility, of the strap. Its awesome while duckhunting. I would really like to keep the strap. Anybody know if the Nova Cap will fit the SBEII? I would check mine, but my Nova is at my parents house in Tennessee.

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Yeah Its a serious design flaw. That "cap" is concaved. Anything and everything is going to scratch it. Some worse than others. I just hope this "cap" isn't that expensive to replace. If they arn't, (since this one is already jacked up) I might just keep this one for days when I need the sling.



Anybody know how much these things are to replace?

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