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Mesa Tactical 6-shot SureShell for Benelli M4 GROUP PURCHASE


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This is it guys, your chance to get an awesome addition to your M4. It is Mesa Tactical's Aluminum 6-Shell Holder and Rail for Benelli M4. This mounts on top of your M4. The owner was nice enough to give us a 15% discount! This is the beginning stages and I need a certain amount of people to confirm, FOR SURE, that they would like to purchase these. This product is in the final stages of being completed, and we will probably be the first to get them. So buy 2 and sell the spare for more to your friend. :D

Of course shipping is not included and sales tax is applicable to CA residents. This info is subject to change if changes occur. Normal price is $90; ours will be $76.50 http://www.mesatactical.com

Please IM or email me if you are ready to purchase the 6-Shell Holder for a price you will never again be able to get them at.

James Harrison (aka James00)




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Originally posted by jakjakman:

One big question first: Does the shell holder block the Axel Bush?

From the picture on their web sight, it looks to sit higher than the top of the axel bush (aka detent pin for triger assembly). I am sure Mesa Tacktical will read this soon and clairify!
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Just got a reply from Mesa Tactical:


Q: Does the shell carrier block the Axel Bush?


A: "No, the shell carrier sits just above the pin. You can easily remove the trigger group with the SureShell carrier installed."


So with regards to that, count me in for one 6-shell holder.

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Originally posted by James00:

How about your Red Cobra, I know that you said on another post that you wanted one.

I do James. However, I am waiting to see if this BENELLI M4 LE becomes available to me. I will know late in the evening on the 14th, tomorrow. Thanks.
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Hello All,

I spoke with the owner of Mesa Tactical and the M4 6 shell holder should be ready in less than a month. Once you are able to order the product on there website, when you order Type in "CISCO" under the "Notes" section to get the discounted price. IM if you have any other questions.

God Bless,


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