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yes always up for new ideas, still havnt figured on how to mount a bayonet to an m-4 unless I add an additional barrel ring with the lug or I can add that to the magazine tube and, then have the hole on the hilt fit on the end of the magazine tube and lock down with the Benelli M-4 cap any ideas guys?

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Originally posted by SGTMAJ:

got the one piece tube already. So any guess on the next step?

Me too, nice ain't it!! :D


I'd think a bayonet would still be better but re-treading a barrel and putting a breaching thing-a-ma-bob on it would be easier.


Haven't seen one on an M-4, but I saw that Tromix is putting them on other SG's. Not sure abt legality, but now that you can put a flash suppressor on other post-ban weapons, my guess is that it'd be OK.



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Originally posted by SGTMAJ:

maybe I should just look at getting one of the breacher barrel type flash supressors, with all the points and jagged edges. Any one seen them done on a M-4 and are they legal?

You can get them here at Royal Arms International (click on "breaching barrels" on the left under "Tactical") but they sell these only to law enforcement. They'll sell civilians their "recoil reducer" which is similar, but has smaller holes and no cool spikey things on the front (also available at Brownell's). It mounts on an extended choke tube, or Royal offers to mount 'em on your supplied barrel.


Can't comment on the legality, but my guess would be that Royal doesn't want the liability of equipping users untrained/unqualified for this type of activity.

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Okay guys, now you **really** have my attention. I have an original H+K imported Super 90 M1 in defense configuration. Pistol grip, 7 shot magazine, rifle sights ect. Also have an original un-issued US M1917, Viet Nam era shotgun bayonet (17+1/2 inch blade). I'm with the SGTMAJ. I really need to get that bayonet mounted on my S90 M1. Any ideas? Sure, I have an standard M9 bayonet and USMC combat bayonet (new OKC 3S issue) mounted on a Mossberg 590 shotgun, but it's just not the same. That really long and thin M1917 needs to come out of the display case and onto my Benelli. Last weekend I had a few spectators at the range watching me empty 8 rounds from the hip with the S90 M1. Think how cool that would have been with the bayonet attached? Oh, and before anybody asks why I wasn't shooting from the shoulder, the answer is easy. I'm not strong enough. That's a lot of 12 gauge firepower! smile.gif



Cape Cod

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