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Originally posted by drakekillr:

I'm not trying to start some big debate over robots. But, Has anyone used a MOJO Dove decoy and how well did it work, if at all?

OOps sorry bout that here is my reply.

Just to let u know. They work like the mallard mojo did whe first few years after they came out. If there is dove close to the field you are hunting it will come were the mojo dove is and if u dont watch it u will shoot the mojo dove while shooting the real dove. So that is my 2 cents if it helps ya any.

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"Robotic Decoys are for XXXXX"


Actually I never considered that terminology, but I have to agree with you since it does fit the description. What used to be considered vibrators could now be called "robotic decoys." With all the technological advances we've seen in the adult novelty business over the last decade, and if this trend continues, "robotic decoy" may be an understatement in the future!


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