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SBE Spare Parts


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It's unlikely anything will break....but there is always the possibility of losing something. If you are taking the gun apart, then just think about what parts you might drop in the dirt.....bolt handle, magazine cap, limiter plug. If you take your bolt assy. apart then you may want a locking head pin, firing pin/spring, and firing pin retainer pin w/ o-ring. I have never seen a broken firing pin...

If you need any additional info, contact our customer service dept.


Customer Service Manager

Benelli USA

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hmmmmm... never bought any spare parts .. just bring a back up then if something did break or fall apart I wouldn't have to worry about fixin' it during hunting time.


According to Murphy's law if I ever did buy spare parts they'd be the parts I DIDN'T need!!


Always bring a back-up.


M1014, Fez .... you guys forgot TP ...

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