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New Camo Pattern

Eric H.

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The Black Eagle cam patterns are nice, However the don't fit in with sage mesquite Paloverde and sand stone.

Arid regions cover alot of our states, from Arizona all the way up to the badlands in Montana. There are many species of birds that are hunted in these regions. Perhaps we dont see a pattern that would blend in to these hunting regions for the simple fact that most hunting shows aired are based east of the Mississippi river. Out here in Arizona there is a nasty little cactus known as Choya this stuff can cripple a dog in seconds. So stocking birds is a must, hard to do with off camo weapons. Think it's time for two new patterns one with dried grass and sage the other rock sage and a few grey brown branches (small diameter).

What's the thoughts of other desert hunters out there? Getting tired of doing my own camo.

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Ok, ok, Eric has a fair point. I think the problem is that there is no way they will be able to please everyone, Eric, and so places like this: http://www.camoent.com/ will take up the slack and make it so we can have our guns done up however we like.


I've seen this place posted about on a turkey hunting forum that I read, and doing a search on Google it came up as the first hit on the page, so their site gets a bit of traffic due to that I would think. You might try something like that out.


Best of luck and welcome aboard.

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Benelli should offer whatever pattern a customer asks for.


Geesh! Peformance Worth the Price? I think not.


I want Long Grain Rice Camo, and Short Grain Rice Camo, and then I'd like a Wild Rice Camo.


For $1500 I should get whatever I want :mad:


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by BenelliBoy:

Hey Tucker how do u edit those gun photos and customize the gun with different colors and camos? I have always wanted to do that. Please Help.



Adobe Photoshop:

Open Benelli stock image from website.

Open source image for pattern (paisley, rice field, etc.)

Select gun outline using magnetic lasso on stock image and copy/paste to new image w/ trans. background.

Using the healing brush, clone a large selection of pattern image to new image of gun. Basically, this gives you the gun-shaped pattern layer.

Copy/paste this layer back to the stock image, adjust transparency to blend with original gun features, and then tweak hue/color settings until desired effect is achieved.

Add text caption with drop shadow.

Flatten layers and save as jpg.



Glad to help.


[ 12-20-2005, 07:43 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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