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SBE What should I do?

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New Guy Here: First Post


I have the opportunity to by an '03 SBE in shadowgrass with the high rib for $700 that includes 2 aftermarket chokes. Is that a deal?

I have had an SBE II in my dreams for 3 months, if I settle for the SBE and save $700 will I ever regret it? Is there that much difference? I can add a sure cycle to an SBE, recoil has never been an issue with me, air touch, and comfo tech I could take or leave, so all that is left is the Crio stuff what do you guys think? Help!!!!1

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I paid 1000 for my black syn. in 01 or 02. I like my

sbe and don't plan to up date to the sbe 11. I see no reason to do so. I would pick the sbe over the sbe11 today, but that's just me.

Saying that, well you be satisfied with the sbe?


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Yup, I agree. Buy the SBE but forget the Surely-wont-cycle. Found that they aint worth a flyin fart. Just because something is aftermarket doesnt mean its better. Some things are...this one isnt. In my experience, the factory assembly is by far better. Just take care of it, love it, oil it (oil on a Benelli is love) and go shoot the devil out of it and have fun. Mine is 10 years old, all factory original parts and has never failed me. Enjoy.

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The deal on the $700 dollar gun fell through. I was able to find a SBE I for $800 even(all black, low rib, 4 yrs old, with 24" barrel) I'm picking it up on Saturday. This will be my first BENELLI! Is this still a good deal? What's the advantages / disadvantages of low rib VS high rib?


Thanks for your help guys



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I wouldn't give $800 for a 4 yr. old.

Look around on these websites for a better deal.






Buying a gun 'online' is easier than you may have thought is is.

Gunbroker gives links to FFL's in your area who will do the transfer for you.


I saw a New DU edition on there for $875.

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I can buy a NIB black SBE for $950 in my area. Comes with a 5 year warranty. They are starting to run out though.


24" bbl is usually the lowest priced SBE.


I'd buy a black SBE II for $1159 before I'd buy a 4 y.o. for $800, but that's just my take...


mudhen - CA

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