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Caliber advice for a newbie...

Mr. Wilder

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Hello all,


I'm entering into my second ever hunting season here in East Texas and have decided that the first gun I would like will be either the original R-1 or the new ComforTech R-1. However, my limited experience has me hung up on exactly which direction I should go.


For now, I'll be mainly hunting the average Texas Whitetale deer at less than 200 yds but I typically like to err on the side of potential and feel that I would like a little more than the average 30-06 caliber.


If some of you more seasoned shooters out there feel so compelled, I would love some advice on what you think the ideal caliber and model of the R-1 I should get as well as the ideal scope you would mount, (keeping in mind that this is my first gun and my wife will absolutly flip when she see's what it's going to cost me...)


I'm a fairly big guy and don't really think a little kick will hurt me but then again I haven't ever shot anything other than your everyday .06 bolt. I like the idea of the .300 WSM but have been told that it kicks too hard and would leave me gun shy in the long run but I was thinking the R-1 would fix that hesitation. What advantage is there to the other calibers, (.270 WSM, .300 Win. Mag, .308 Win., .30-06)


So put on your thinking caps boys and let me have it. I would love any and all advice you can give me because I want this first purchase to be a worthy one and not leave me with a bad taste in my mouth.



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The 30-06 will take any North American game. Ammo is widely available in a broad range of bullet styles and weights.

Recoil is tolerable.


The big advantage of the WSM's is the case length.

The shorter case insures more uniform burns from shot to shot and improves the potential for better accuracy.


One disadvantage of the fatter case is that the magazine holds 3 instead of 4.


All in all, the 30-06 is hard to beat, and resale is always easier in America's most popular cartridge.

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I totally agree with Tucker, 30-06! I would add that the ammo for a 30-06 is much cheaper than many other calibers. I pay $5-6 or more for 300 Win Mag.


The gas ported semi-auto feature absorbs some recoil; however, my R1 (300 WM) kicks quite a bit. So much so, I installed a very efficient muzzle brake. And it still jumps :eek: . Not good for follow up shots.


BTW, Tucker best of luck to you tomorrow!!! I'll keep the faith until you get back. Be quick in your recovery please -- this place won't be the same until your truimphant return. If it means anything to you, I'll be sitting opening day out this year myself. I have a dental appointment Nov 15th -- opening day here in the Mitten State. It was that day or a month later. The receptionists' reply to my telling her it was opening day of deer season was, "...and the problem with that sir is what???" Geesh! She obviously doesn't know any hunters.


So, again 30-06. Less recoil, less $$ for ammo, and it more than does the job. You may want to seriously consider the Comfortech version if you want a smoother shooting weapon. Thing is, the figured walnut stock on many R1's makes is hard to turn down. Personally I sleep with mine. LOL


Good luck,



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There is nothing that the 30-06 will do that the 300 will not do better. Sure you may pay more for the ammo but you are getting better performance.


As for the recoil I just got the 300 win mag in the R1 and the system works. But I have been shooting the say R1 system all summer in my Super Sport so I was certain it would help in the rifle.


300 win mag- bigger-better-faster-harder!!!!!!!

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Bing -- Does your R1 have the "Comfortech System"? I'm assuming it does since you spoke of your Super Sport. If so, I'm glad to hear it works well. Your's would be the first field testimony on the forum here of the comfortech version.


I can tell you my shoulder is sore from yesterdays 106 rounds from my 300 WM R1 (with muzzle brake). 3 weeks ago or so I shot over a hundred rounds and same thing. LOL, of course last weekend I shot hundreds and hundreds of rounds thru an M16 during training I had and you know no recoil etc. Probably the thing that would improve a magnum R1 felt recoil the most is a gel recoil pad like the comfortech has. I'd settle for a retrofit pad if nothing else -- are you listening Benelli???



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I am sorry,I forgot to say that my R1 has the comforttech system.


When I took it to the range the first time I also brought along my 308 for comparion. After shooting both my son and I both agreed that you felt more recoil with the 308. The 308 is a savage model 99.


I was shooting 165 hornady factory ammo in the 300 and winchester 150 in 308. So based on that and shooting 20,000 rounds in my Super sport I would say that the Comfortech System works.

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