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R1 Recoil

bear head

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My first post.


I'm considering purchasing an R1 300-WSM and am wondering if Benelli's claim of dramatic recoil reduction is accurate. I've seen a few posts on this site where the R1 recoil reduction is mentioned but not really discussed as a topic. Any comments from R1 owners would be greatly appreciated? Thx.

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I have a Comfortech 300 WSM. Bought it this fall. I think the recoil is pretty mild. I shoot the gun in a t-shirt on warm days, and have never had a sore shoulder after the fact - I typically shoot 20 shells an outing. The recoil felt like my 270, which is the way I believe Benelli described it. I am hard pressed to think I'll ever get scope bit by this gun.


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When Omega75 said,


"I have the .308 caliber R1 upgraded with the Comfortech stocks"


it got my attention!


This is exciting. I don't seem to be able to order the .308W R1 with Comfortech right now. Please help me understand exactly how you "upgraded" to put Comfortech stock on your .308W R1? How expensive was your upgrade compared to just the standard R1/Comfortech in some other caliber?


Did you special order just the Comfortech stock and fore-end? How did you specify the correct size - or is there only one size stock so far? How long did you have to wait to get your "upgrade?"


Any problems assembling?



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It was more like the Hand of God came down and said "This is your day!". I walked into the gun store and they had a Benelli R1 in .308 w/wood stocks the price was $635.00! It seems the previous owner wasn't getting a tight enough group, got fed up and kicked this dog to the curb! I quickly asked for the rifle,as there were several Hunters milling around the area .Using the "Jedi Mind Trick", I asked him to swap the Comfortech stocks off of one of the numerous R1's they stocked.He happily did just that and charged me $ 50 difference! Keeping my cool I enquired about installing the 4.5X14 50MM VXL as well. After about 20mins the deal was done at a final cost of $1465. Yes, the scope cost more than the rifle ,but what is a grown boy supposed to do? P.S. I have now added three 10rd clips from Benelli to the system.

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