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frezing 12 ga.


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I went hunting with 3 friends, 2 of which had benelli 12 ga pump action shot guns, it was -5 ,the 2 benellis froze up ruining a day of hunting and 1 mile walk to hunt, me and the other guy had 1960's winchesters and had no problems.


I was wondering if this was a typical problem, and yes the do keep their guns oiled and in tip top shape, please someone let me know and if possible send me an email please

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Originally posted by felimad:

[QB] it was -5 ,the 2 benellis froze up ruining a day of hunting and 1 mile walk to hunt, me and the other guy had 1960's winchesters and had no problems.

yes the do keep their guns oiled


Two things tell the tale in this message:

#1 -5 degrees + Oil = gummy actions and possibly slowed firing pins if there is oil that far into the bolt.

#2 The old 1960s guns are loose and well broken in where the new shotguns are still tight (then add in the gummy, cold oil as noted above!)

Run the new guns a little dryer or use some much lighter weight oil like Kroil, etc...

Hope that helps!

Dean in K.C.

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To much oil on the gun. a gun needs very little oil


I just put a little on the slide bars and wipe it off as best I can with a rag.


I don't like the nova but it is a dependle gun, I just don't think it shoots as nice as a WM 870 or Ithaca.


If you are going to shoot a pump they are the two best hands down.


For Autos I like my old A-5 and New Franchi 612


I use very little oil on my autos either, keeps them clean.

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One of the best features of the Benelli auto over other autos is its limited number of moving parts. This is made more prevelant when hunting in sub-zero conditions. For years, I used a Browning Gold. Every other year, I would have to go through a complete strip, degrease and re-oil to get it to shoot more than once in freezing conditions (and it freezes alot in Ohio). Problem: Too many moving parts, gas blowback, dirt collection spots, bad oil and too much of it.

The only solution I found, as stated in previous replies, is to go with a very good quality synthetic oil, and use it so sparingly that you wonder if you are damaging your gun because the amount you used can't possibly be enough.

The other solution I found was to sell the Browning and buy the Benelli SBE, keeping it clean is a breeze, it's so simple, and again, remember the old cliche....less is more.

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I have never had a problem with the Nova Freezing but as so many have stated "very little FINE oil" and Break it in. I like the Nove with the exception of the #$^%@*& safety in front of the trigger. I am looking at the Ithica Myself.


On the Auto-5 that was mentioned, That is what I started with. My dad has a pair of 1964 Auto-5's and I have dipped one into the water many times with never a problem. That was back when I was learning to walk in waders and chest deep water.

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Here's the deal with an 870, if you look at it hard, it will rust. Even our camo Remoington semi-autos rust. I have an 870 EXP that is kept slathered in oil at all times. I don't care for the parts-intensive action of an Ithaca or Browning BPS. I want a pump that I can break down and clean if need be.


Finally, I cannot fathom why American manufacturers refuse to chrome line their shotgun bores. I will not own another shotgun w/o it. All I need to clean the Nova is a bore snake and a can of Breakfree CLP and a few tooth picks.

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waxed canvas - sounds like you've got a humidity problem wherever you store your 870 ... I've got a wingmaster magnum that's eligable for carbon dating that has most of the bluing worn off that I've had no problem with rusting ... and it gets beat like a rented mule. I just make sure she's wipped with oil after it drys and never a concern.

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easy killer.


have you ever owned a benelli?

i have had 3 remingtons and 3 benellis in the last 6 years and have 1 one remington and 2 benellis left.


the one remington i have was manufactured in 1994-95 and is far superior to that crap they are pumping out today. i will never give it up.


one of the rem guns was so bad that remington actually bought it back from me paid in full plus tax.

the other one had a forcing cone so rough it would not eject a spent shell, and ill be ****ed if im going to pay more money to have a new gun worked on just so it functions properly. remington also only offers two year warranty.


the two bennelis, on the other hand, have functioned flawlessly right out of the box, and bennelli has a 5 year warranty. i really wish i still that M1 though and i think ill be kicking my self in the ars for long time on that one.


i have owned all bennellis field guns, nova, M1, and sbe, a found them all to be great guns.

the remintons, on the other hand, nothing made me happier when those guns we out of sight and out of mind.

as i said before i love my old remington and will probably still buy one that was manufactured before 1997-2000 if i find a deal.

the only way ill ever shoot a new remington again is if i can fieldtest one first, but thats whole different story.


the only thing i wish i could change about the nova is to make the safty oversized and put it behind the trigger instead of in front. otherwise the gun has been through **** and proved its self to me.

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