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With all the talk about choke tubes lately I thought I'd share this picture of one I saw in the October issue of North American Hunter....What a riot!


A one pound, 32" ported tube, mounted on what looks to be a 24"-26" barrel ... I thought I got a lot of crap for using a 'fence post'.



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that tube was designed to reduce report using sub-sonic loads in populated urban areas. this combination was created for use on canada goose depredation orders inside of city limits. the sub-sonic loads are slow (about 800fps) and the metro tube keeps the blast quite. its just another way to combat local geese.

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yep, it says, "Hastings Metro Gun Systems extension coupled with Federals Metro Sub-Sonic ammunition, can reduce blast up to 50%...with a muzzle velocity of 850fps .... ranges must be inside 40yrds, 30yrds is better."


I just can't imagine using it i guess ... would be interesting to try though.


Thinking of toting that thing around in my skiff or duck boat just makes me chuckle i guess.


Could you imagine seeing that thing pop out of the grass and cattails in the blind next to you ... HAHA!

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