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Bad day at the range *!x@ M4 !#*!


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I can't tell you how f'n pissed off I am right now. Beautiful day, zero clouds, 75 degrees, tons of ammo..good to go.


I'm ready to put the M1014 through it's paces and I get a fail to eject. It did this for every single round! If my life were dependent on that weapon I'd be dead now. I thought maybe its the low recoil buck I was using (Winchester 8 & 9 pellet). I ran (tried to) a few slugs through it and had the same result. The spent shell would be half out or not at all.


I've got to go dig out my manual to see what the solution is. All I know is, I keep my weapons clean and maintained. It was a sad day to see my M1014 lying there while a $250 Mossberg ran flawlessly all afternoon.


I just had to vent. :mad:

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Sounds like a problem with the gas system.


Check both your pistons. See if they are on tight, or are broken, or look disfigured.


You've used these rounds before? There was no friction between the rounds and the inside of the barrel? Like they were getting stuck?


Also make sure the spring on the inside of the receiver behind the bolt release button is still in place. When I changed to my GGG bolt release, I didnt seat the spring properly, and this exact thing happened.


Hope you figure it out. Sucks to hear about this.

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"Looks like even Benelli can't get a gas operated shotgun right."


Mine has been flawless for years. It was one of the first 100 made and never had a hicup even with reduced recoil loads.


I would field strip the gun and make sure everything is being put back together properly. Like mentioned before, make sure the pistons are on securely and also make sure your bolt is moving freely.

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I've yet to have any malfunction on either of my M4s(11707 models...nor on my M3s....Even the Cheap wallyMart stuff goes thru it like Grass thru a goose....& Money thru any of my ex wives!...

I'll add that I've tried almost every 12ga auto made in the field..USAs-12s Spa 12s...Brownings...Remys...Berettas...etc..(All tactically designed/configured...& all Malfunctioned more than not...the only SG that came close to the M3 M4 performance was the Saiga 12 converted (AK47 style Shotgun Russian made)..& that was after about 3 to 400 dollar mods added by me or Tromix GunSmith ..I even find the Benelli M4 more reliable than my Remy 870 PMax...

Stay Safer!

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To answer your questions....I boudght the gun new several years ago..and I was using factory ammo. I've only had one failure prior to this (using a light bird shot). That failure was at the 200 round mark.

Since then It has run perfect.


So, I broke it down and cleaned everything...unfortunatly, it will be at least 2 weeks before I can get back out to the range. Hopefully, the problem has been corrected. I'll give an update once I get some range time.

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